These researches are including marketing researches and operation plans codification to enter new markets. These reports are prepared for those companies which are intending to enter new markets and they are sure about their decisions. This means that they have already done their evaluations about the new market entry and now they want to see through which channels should they enter the market and introduce their products and services to the market? Also during this road which advertisement groups, distribution facilities, representatives and partners can they use? These researches are combination of desk and quantitative researches and mostly prepared for those companies which are seriously tend to enter Iran's market and right now they want to know how should they do this so less cost and time would be consumed. So these researches are almost answers to the following questions:• What is the operation plan for entering Iran's market?• How can the new market entry process be done with lower price and time?• Which cities are prior than others for entering the market?• What are the custom laws in Iran and how the import process can be facilitated?• Which group of suppliers can be cooperated with?• What are the advertisement agencies and other service organizations?• What are the suggested distribution channels and methods?Marketing research in iran iraniuredirect.php?